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Every visitor is requested to read our copyright policy at www.hdwallpapers.bz and its network sites.

For Visitors & Users: Please pay attention here. Visitors and users are forcefully requested to read our copyright policy before downloading any thing from our website and our network sites. www.hdwallpapers.bz is a venture of iboomz interactive India pvt limited (www.iboomz.com). All wallpapers stored or displayed on iboomz network sites are collected from various online resources available on the internet search engines like google.com, bing.com, yahoo.com etc... All visitor can download anything from iboomz network sites for their personal use only. commercial use is prohibited. if you needful to use an wallpaper, background or image for any commercial use like ( Website background, printing, or for sale). You must obtain the permission from the original copyright author (holder) of that image for using that image commercially.

For Copyright Authors & Holders: All the images used at iboomz network sites are collected from various internet resources available over the internet through like, Google, Bing, Yahoo etc... Please consider the fact that we don not internationally distributing your work or selling it on our website at iboomz network. we always respect your work in creating those wonderful images. But due to the fact we are using a 3rd part script which doesn't have feature to display credits & Copyright information. if you found any images that copyrights to your, you can contact us using our contact page. we would be happy to add your credits & copyright information's to your art work. We already requested our Visitors and Users at iboomz network sites to comply with our copyright policy.

if you are still not satisfied with our copyright policy. please take your valuable time to inform us through our contact page. so we can take an appropriate action as soon as possible, or Remove your content from our sites.

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